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I operate a global consulting firm built for multi-faceted founders looking to capture more market share in their innovation-driven industries. I want to help the underdog win through impactful strategies. 

Amoye Henry, MBA

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Does this sound familiar?

You're potentially an entrepreneur with a tech based solution and you want to drive growth. After years of operating as a small team you want to build your business to see higher profits and more revenue in your bottom line. Before you explore private equity funding, you recognize that you need more systems and infrastructure to scale and be sustainable. You want more market traction, a developed sales funnel, a solid track record, but don't know where to start?

Hmm... Could this be you?

You're burnt out and you know that there’s more to life than this. You want to be the CEO you were meant to be... You've come to realize that your current business model is not making an impact in its current form.
 You think that it may be time to switch focus and pivot in another direction. One of the most important changes in any business is a shift in direction to ensure that you're aligning with the new trends and opportunities in your market for profitability and success..
Areas of Expertise
Consulting & Strategy
⊛ Business Analysis

⊛ Business Proposal Development

⊛ Business Plan Writing

⊛ Competitive Market Research

⊛ Consulting & Business Planning

⊛ Financial Modeling

⊛ Grant & Proposal Writing

⊛ Impact Report Development

⊛ Research & Policy Report Development
Speaking & Facilitation
⊛ Building educational programs in emerging markets

⊛ Curriculum Development

⊛ Diversity Inclusion Initiative Building

⊛ Entrepreneurship Coaching

⊛ Pitch Practice

⊛ Professional Development

⊛ Strategic Partnerships

⊛ Strategic Organizational Development
Impact Investing
Since 2010, I have been an active investor, backing companies in a variety of ways, both financially and through capacity building. If you are an entrepreneur innovating in a disruptive space and looking for investors, book a 30 min consult to pitch your business to me.

Current Exited Businesses: 1, Currently Invested 8

Client Testimonials

Amoye is one of the hardest working young women I've met. She has a never-ending fire in her to get the job done, and right.

- Zamani Thomas, Intellectual Property Attorney, Miami FL

Hiring Amoye and her team to produce our conference and digital campaign was an amazing investment. The relationships we've formed as a result of her delicate attention to details have been invaluable.

- Claudette McGowan, Chief Global Officer, Cybersecurity TD Bank, Toronto CA

Consulting with Amoye on the startup ecosystem is always enriching. She knows her stuff and always brings passion and dedication to her work.

- Marisa Nzekwe, Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank, London UK

Amoye is easy to work with, adaptable, responsive and very strategic. She has a very bright future ahead of her.

- Dalton Sirmans, Partner, Amplio Ventures, Atlanta GA

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